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Come and meet the staff at our school!


School Staff 2022
Headteacher Mrs. C. Speakman
Deputy Headteacher/ DSL/SENCO Mrs. D. Boardman

Nursery/Reception Class -  Mrs. P. Schofield
Year 1  - Mr T. Sutton

Year 2 - Miss M. Noden
Year 3  -  Mrs S. Seed
Year 4 -  Mrs S. Hamer
Year 5 -  Miss S. Costello
Year 6 -  Mr M. Perkins


Office Staff
School Business Manager Mr M. Speakman
School Administrator  Mrs A. Cooper


Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs A. Passerini

Mrs F. Marshall



Teaching Support Staff

Nursery Nurse -  Mrs L. Ruddock

Nursery Classroom Assistant - Mrs R. Sawant

Reception Classroom Assistant - Mrs R Sawant

Year 1 Classroom Assistants - Mrs S. Bootle, Mrs S. Devine

Year 2 Classroom Assistants -  Mrs S. Lane, Mrs H Goni
Year 3 Classroom Assistant -  Mr N. Boardman 
Year 4 Classroom Assistants -  Mrs G. Rhafiq & Mrs B. Toner
Year 5 Classroom Assistant -  Mrs L Hartley 
Year 6 Classroom Assistant -  Mrs A. Passerini


Welfare Assistant -  Mrs Y. Bhatti


Breakfast Club
Manager -  Mrs S. Lane


School Cook -  Mrs T. Fleming

Catering Team - Mrs A. Laher & Mrs F. Kadu


Site Supervisor  -  Mr C. Parker