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Behaviour & Uniform

The values of the school have been already outlined in the Mission Statement.  In terms of behaviour we extol the Gospel values of forgiveness and reconciliation – which means that rather than seeking to punish (although this may be necessary on occasions) our primary concern is to change behaviour and rebuild relationships.  The whole basis of behaviour management at St. Alban’s is to build upon positive aspects of behaviour, through various reward systems, thereby creating an environment where children feel happy, secure and ready to learn.  A copy of the school Behaviour Policy is available on request.

Uniform is compulsory at St Alban’s and consists of:


Boys – Jade sweatshirt, Jade Polo shirt and grey trousers.


Girls – Jade sweatshirt, Jade Polo shirt and grey skirt or tailored grey trousers

During the Summer Term girls can wear a green and white gingham dress, boys, especially the younger ones can wear short trousers.

For PE children should wear the following:

Pull on pumps with an elasticated side, black or navy blue shorts and a white T Shirt.


Children must have their PE kit in school at all times, in a suitable bag that will be stored in the cloakroom.

Children should wear safe and comfortable shoes.  High heeled shoes, flimsy sandals and trainers are not suitable for school.

Extravagant hairstyles, including shaven designs are discouraged.



The only item of jewellery permitted in school is a watch.


If you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, please do so at the beginning of the

long summer holiday so that your child’s PE and swimming lessons at school are not disrupted. NO EARINGS TO BE WORN IN SCHOOL.


All articles of clothing should have the child’s name on them, as should the drawstring bag in which they should be brought to school.  All these items, plus name labels, can be purchased from Whittakers,10 Ainsworth Street,Blackburn,

Tel no 01254 676047


All children should have a warm coat/jacket for the winter months.  Parents who bring their children to school by car sometimes forget that the children play out during the morning break and at lunchtimes and will need to wear something suitable.