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The Gift Team

The G.I.F.T Chaplaincy Team


Saint Martin the patron Saint of Chaplains

 The G.I.F.T Chaplaincy Team( Led by Mrs Passerini ) is entrusted with the responsibility of supporting the Catholic life of the school. G.I.F.T standing for "Growing in Faith Together" sums up perfectly the aims and ambitions of this team. Our school's Catholic ethos, although diverse, is to follow common values and unite by a shared vision of life.



Our mission is to promote Gospel values and teachings of the Catholic Church rooted in a commitment to social justice and the common good and to attend to the spiritual needs of the children.


Our Responsibilities:


  • Give Joyful witness to Christ as missionary disciples.
  • Support the delivery of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all the pupils.
  • Build on peer pastoral care.
  • Assist with the delivery/development of the prayer life of the school. ( assemblies, worship, class prayer times and prayer groups)
  • Developing the use of prayer area/spaces
  • Support local, national, international charities (Caritas, C.A F.O.D. Local Food Bank)
  • Develop/support school, parish and community links through the Hope in the Future programme.


    "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me" (Galations 2:20)


The G.I.F.T Team

Lead - Mrs Passerini

Simrah Adam, Kajus Barton, Eliza Begum, Amy Clarke, Rabia Din Parveen, Mia Ganley, Alyssa Grunshaw, Ruby Hannan, Seereena Imtiaz, Sienna Rooney, Hira Shahid.




This is our first commissioned team at Salford Cathedral


Our Timetable



Monthly quiet reflections and visits to

Bowman Court

Celebration of the word planningPupil lead class based liturgies ( Wednesday Word)Team meetings , action plans, activities, fundraisingPractice weekly celebration of the word

The children attended the launch of the Hope in the Future program mass and received the  San Damiano Cross.

Hope in the Future Prayer for schools


God our loving Father, we thank you

for blessing our parish communities

with all that we need

to respond to our vocation

to be missionary disciples.

We ask you to pour out afresh

the gifts of your Spirit upon each one of us,

that we may be inspired to serve you 

in new and creative ways,

bringing your light to the world.

We ask your blessing upon us

as we journey together in hope

through Christ Our Lord



Our Projects








Charitable Works 2022/2023


Benefit Mankind

Caritas Advent Appeal

C.A.F.O.D Big Lent Walk

Caritas Programme for Migrants




We received the Laudato Si award for all our work in caring for our common home.

We are very proud to have been the first school awarded this certificate. CAFOD has sent our photo to the Vatican.




Bowman Court Visits


Pictures to follow






Pictures to follow








Media coverage:


Chaplaincy team host inter faith cafe for Blackburn school puipils/ Lancashire Telegraph