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In May 2021 as part of a whole school project raising awareness with links to the Eco Schools My Actions Matter campaign all children in school learnt that all our actions matter. Children reflected on their connection with nature, how to be compassionate towards the earth and how our actions link to it. They also discussed in class what they could do to help the environment. Photos show the display of handprints from every child in school who learnt they can all make a difference and also one photo shows St Alban's children in action helping to care for our world.

For Fair trade fortnight children learnt about Fairtrade choices and then entered a “design a chocolate bar” competition. Thanks to prize donations made by Julie Smith co-op member pioneer of Wilpshire and Livesey Branch Road Co-op.

At the end of term we had a Trashion Fashion show. Designers and models, showcased clothes made in the after school club. We also had an after school club designing a reusable bag for plastic free bag day, which children modelled. Our special guest to the event was Glynis Goldsbrough from the Schools Sustainability Conference, who brought goodies in for the children who had taken part at the conference in performing a rap, zero lunch and Trashion Show.

Mrs Hartley and Mrs Bolton took 8 children selected from the Eco Team, Fair Trade Action Team and Trashion After School Club. They represented the school at Ewood Park on the 20th June attending the North West Sustainability Conference taking part in various workshop activities throughout the day including a zero waste packed lunch challenge, poster, Trashion Show and a Rap.  We won a £25 cheque for all our efforts. Well done St Albans!


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Some children from Year 3 and 4 took part in an after school Trashion Club with Mrs Hartley and Mrs Bolton. These are photos of the children making items and just some of the items made. At the end of term we had a Trashion Show.