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Come and meet the staff at our school!


School Staff 2015/2016
Headteacher Mrs C. Speakman
Deputy Headteacher Mrs D. Boardman
Assistant Headteacher & Year 6 Teacher Mrs S. Walsh


Nursery Class Mrs P. Schofield
Reception Class Miss J. Stephens
Year 1 Mrs S. Seed/Mrs S. Hamer
Year 2 Miss M. Noden
Year 3 Miss S. Costello
Year 4 Mrs C. Waters
Year 5 Mr M. Perkins
Year 6 Mrs S. Walsh


Office Staff
Office Manager Mrs S. Wilcock
Admin Assistant Mrs A. Cooper


Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs A. Passerini


Nursery Nurses
Nursery Mrs L. Ruddock
Reception Mrs S. Bootle


Non Teaching Staff
Reception Classroom Assistant Mrs S. Bootle
Year 1 Classroom Assistant Mrs S. Devine
Year 2 Classroom Assistant Miss D. Southcott
Year 3 Classroom Assistant Mrs S. Bolton
Year 4 Classroom Assistant Mrs F. Marshall
Year 5 Classroom Assistant Ms I. Hussain
Year 6 Classroom Assistant Mrs L. Hartley

Special Support Assistants

Reception Mrs S. Lane

Year 2 Mrs R. Howson
Year 5 Mrs B. Toner

Year 6 Mrs F. Marshall


Welfare Assistant Mrs Y. Bhatti


Breakfast Club
Manager Mrs F. Marshall
Assistant Mrs S. Lane


School Cook Mrs S. McAnish