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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

St Alban’s Catholic Primary School, Blackburn


Pupil Premium spend 2014-2015 – total budget £122,200
Provision/resource Cost £
Reception class Part-time of TA 5891
Year 1 Part-time of TA 5092
Year 2 Part-time of TA 5761
Year 3 Part-time of TA 5761
Year 4 Part-time of TA 5761
Year 5 Part-time of TA 5761
Year 6 Part-time of TA and HLTA 7351
KS1 intervention Part-time of TA 4056
KS2 intervention Part-time of TA 17408
Rainbow Room intervention Part-time of TA and HLTA 9603
Achievement for All 2 year programme 6000
Caritas 1.5 half-funded by PP 7000
Co-ordinator DHT/Senco [part-time] 9550
Visits/visitors Subsidising costs of theatre groups, coach costs, visiting workshops to ensure equal access for all pupils 3000
Resources purchased Boxall, Nurture Group network 300


Total cost – £125,389
Overspend of £3,189


St Alban’s Catholic Primary School – Pupil Premium funding impact


Targeting the funding and effective intervention classes
Teachers and senior leaders have used tracking data to analyse the underachievement of individual pupils.. To stop achievement gaps from widening for individual pupils, a range of barriers to pupils’ learning, including attendance, behaviour, family circumstances and resources were considered to support learning at home or at school. This has been a focus area of the Achievement for All programme, particularly the structured conversations introduced into Years 3 and 4. This approach will be extended to include target groups in Years 2 and 5 for the next school year.
Where pupils have been identified as underachieving or not achieving specific targets in their learning, personalised interventions and/or individual tuition have been delivered to help to improve pupils’ skills and their rate of progress in English and mathematics. These have been carefully targeted to specific pupils to improve particular aspects of their skills or knowledge in reading, writing, communication or mathematics and are taught by teachers or suitably-trained and competent teaching assistants, depending on the skills being taught.


Effective monitoring and evaluation of the impact of spending
Current tracking data shows that the majority of pupils are achieving in-line with expectations and there are no patterns in underachievement in the school as a whole for this group of children with the exception of two cohort-specific groups [one maths, one reading]. Where there are gaps for some individual children, effective interventions are planned as detailed above.
Currently achievement gaps between pupils who attracted Pupil Premium funding and other pupils in the school are not significant including more able pupils.
This is because
1. the achievement of this group is closely monitored at all times by teachers and by senior staff with teachers at pupil progress meetings.
2. good liaison between the Caritas family support worker / pupil premium co-ordinator /all other staff ensures that school is alert to any emotional or social barriers that could have a negative impact on pupils’ learning and actively intervenes with children and families to support and minimise adverse impact on achievement.
3. intervention strategies are making a difference to pupils’ achievement, because they are tightly focused on gaps in pupils’ learning and closely matched to pupils’ needs.
4. the school continues to use Pupil Premium funding to support underachieving or vulnerable pupils and has an effective and systematic programme in place to ensure the sustainability of effective initiatives and interventions, through the Achievement for All programme.


Diana Boardman – Pupil Premium Co-ordinator
June 2015