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Nursery Class - email YN child work queries to:

Welcome to Nursery Class!






Activities and ideas to support you and your child at home. Please spend time talking to your child, playing simple turn taking games such as snap, lotto, reading stories and singing songs and rhymes. Number recognition-1-15 or 1-10, counting out the correct number of objects for each number, correct number of jumps, hops, claps, taps, skips for each number 1-5 or 1-10. Any activities that encourage fine and gross motor skill- drawing, colouring, cutting, threading, playdough, using pegs and plastic tweezers, outside ball games, rolling, catching, kicking, water paint- bucket/pot/bowl with water and paint brush to ‘paint/mark make’ and water sprays.

Websites or recommended Early Years resources-

Twinkl – offering free sign up

Cbeebies- stories, nursery rhymes, songs and number songs

Hungry little minds

Number Blocks

Top Marks



I’ve included and old school exercise book for the children to colour/mark make in, the school readiness advise (ways to support your child to be ready for school), some early phonics (I spy- talk about what you can see, play I spy colours, initial sounds, say the words out loud, clap the syllables of each one, a sheet of rhyming cards, some sound games and a senses hunt.)