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The Year 6 Residential Trip to The Water Park, Coniston

On the last weekend of half term, our Year 6 children and a few staff ventured off into the wilds of the Lake District, to the beautiful shores of Lake Coniston and the surrounding stunning landscape.  The children were split into 3 teams and all enjoyed the same activities on different days.  They……….. Kayaked, walked for miles, Gill Scrambled, walked up waterfalls, paddled in dragon boats, climbed walls, both inside and out, high roped and low roped and played human Jenga with the crate stacking task, as well as all the evening activities that the Water Park staff did with the children.  The weather was AMAZING!! and we all returned home, be it a little delayed with traffic, tired, well fed, a little sun kissed, all with stories to tell and memories that I know will stay with the children for a long time to come.  We have lots and lots and lots of photos, so  keep looking as we will load a few each day, both here on the website and on Facebook too. Enjoy!!

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