The SA Cup

July 4th, 2016

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The St. Alban’s Cup

The SA Cup this year consisted of 8 talented sides, games lasted 20 minutes and there was no second chances if your team was beaten, so it was a do or die situation!

The first  four fixtures were;

2 v 6

3 v 1

8 v 4

5 v 7

Each game was closely contested and each pupil played their socks off, however, only four teams could advance to the  next round.

The second round of fixtures were;

2 v 8

3 v 7

The semi-finals were here! The top four teams in the school were ready to battle it out for a chance of a final spot

The Final

8 v 3

The  final two teams were ready and willing to leave everything they had on the pitch.  The final was a thrilling watch and was closely contested throughout.  The 20 minutes were up and the score was tied!  Both teams prepared for a shootout, in which Team 8 came out on top and became the 2016 SA Cup Champions!

Well done team 8

Commentary by Lucian Barton

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